Service at UCS!


Serviam, I will serve, is the motto of every Ursuline school the world over.

Service is given voluntarily and freely in imitation of our Savior Jesus who said of Himself:  I came to serve and not to be served.                                                 Service is therefore the hallmark of every Ursuline Convent School.    Service, also referred to as outreach to others less fortunate than ourselves, begins the very first time a student enters an Ursuline School and continues long after students have graduated.                                                                                  Service to others becomes “second nature”

In each department of UCS the giving of service is regularly awarded.

In St. Ursula’s Girls Department, students of Form 4 and 5 give one hour weekly usually during their scheduled Religious Education time. 

These are the Institutions at which service is usually given:

  •  Almair Home, 4th Ave., Belleville, St. Michael (for well over 40 years).
  • The Children’s Ward of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
  • Boys Department
  • The St. Michael District Hospital.
  • St. Gabriel’s Nursery.
  • St. Angela’s Lower 1
  • Precious Angels Day Care 

Students have a choice of institution for service.

St. Francis Form 4 boys have been giving service at the Thelma Vaughn Home for disabled youth and adults.

Form 5 Boys gave service in 2018-2019 at the Daycare centre of the Psychiatric Hospital. Presently they are helping at the Challenor School,   St. Thomas.

Senior students of both departments are encouraged to give voluntary service out of School.

Overseas Service:

During the Easter break of 2017 and 2018 groups of Form 4 girls spent one week at the St. Ann’s Home for Girls in Georgetown, Guyana. 

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