Principal urges: Make most of opportunities

9/7/2020 Centrepiece 

Principal urges: Make the most of opportunities 

THIRTY-ONE graduates of the St Angela’s have been advised to make the most of the opportunities as they embark on their secondary school journey. 

The message was delivered by a tearful Kim Sommerville, principal of the institution, during a graduation ceremony in the school’s Lower Collymore Rock, St Michael auditorium last Friday. 

“Remember to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way, but think carefully before making choices that would be presented to you on a daily basis. Your journey will not be an easy one. There will be obstacles, road blocks, doubters and name callers. Do not let these hold you back. They do not define you and I urge you not to let them change who you are or destroy the dreams that you have,” she said. 

TOP GIRL Deuel Boxhill (right) accepting her prize for academic excellence from Ruth Clarke. 

Top girl Deuel Boxhill was awarded for her overall excellence and exemplary conduct throughout the academic year, achieving the top score at the school in this year’s Barbados Secondary Schools’ Examination. She was also named the Athlete of the Year and copped the Parent Teacher Association’s Award. 

TOP BOY Chaddain Sandiford accepting his prize for swimmer of the year from Ruth 
Clarke. (Pictures by Shanice King.) 

Top boy Chaddain Sandiford received prizes for his academic excellence, his high overall combined score in English and math and the Swimmer Of The Year Award. 

Sommerville also told the students never to underestimate the power of their dreams. 

“Dreams, coupled with hard work, will ensure that you realise the potential for greatness that is already within each and every one of you. Always do your best. Be kind and considerate to others and amazing things will happen in your life. Learn from every mistake because mistakes teach you and force you into being more than you already are. Help to create the world in which you want to live.

ARIA JONES (right) accepting the Blades Trophies Reach for the Stars award from Ruth Clarke. 

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