1. Respect and courtesy are due to everyone: teaching and domestic staff, adults and children alike.

2. Students must attend school regularly and punctually. The school year is divided into three terms: September – December, January – March, April – July. There are usually three weeks holiday at Christmas and Easter, and eight weeks in the Summer. Written excuses for absence or lateness must be addressed to the Form Teacher, and to the Games or Swimming Teacher for non-participation in Physical Education. Fortnightly attendance records are required by the Ministry of Education.

3. Uniform must always be worn during school hours. Short grey pants for Fm 1—Fm 3; White shirts epaulettes and school crest and Fm 4—Fm 5 White shirts ties and long grey pants. Obtainable from recommended suppliers; grey ankle socks and simple, black, laced shoes (leather or imi-tation leather). School ties are either red, green or blue, depending on the house to which the child has been as-signed. All students need standard red, green or blue games shorts and tops from recommended suppliers, white tennis shoes, uniform swim trunks and swim cap. Shoes should not be high cut. A watch may be worn. No , chewing gum, cigarettes or alcohol are allowed in school. A school bag and lunch box are necessary. Only plastic containers, not breakable bottles, are allowed.

4. Property and good order:

    •  textbooks must be covered and kept in good condi-tion.
    •  all belongings must be marked.
    • furniture, walls or textbooks may not be defaced.
    • any literature or pictures brought to school must be authorized by a member of staff.
    • food and drink must be consumed outdoors and not in classrooms . The hall and library may never be used as eating areas.
    • litter should be placed in bins.
    • breakages should be reported and mess cleaned up immediately.
    • exercise books are for the exclusive use of the stu-dents and their teachers at the Convent.
    • silence is expected at Assembly, when classes are moving in lines, in the library and on any occasion when a signal is given for silence.

5. The School must be notified about children who are to be collected from school by people other than their par-ents, and identification provided if required by a mem-ber of staff.

If it is necessary to have more than “lunch money” in school, it should be deposited in the office and not left in classrooms. Otherwise, valuables must be kept on your person.

6. Homework is set daily and therefore, proper facilities should be provided at home for this work to be done by the student. This may include written work or revision of work done in class. Reports are issued at termly intervals. Parents are urged to examine and sign these reports regularly. It is essential that parents attend meetings arranged annually for each Form when the progress of individual students can be discussed privately with each member of staff.