The Curriculum
Students are prepared for Caribbean Examinations (CSEC).  Options are made in the final two years in view of the individual’s interests, aptitudes and vocational needs.

Academic and Practical Subjects:
English Language           Physics                                Visual Arts
English Literature           Chemistry                            Music
Mathematics                   Biology                                Social Studies
Spanish                          Integrated Science                 Principles of Business
Geography                     Information Technology      Principles of Accounts
History                           Food and Nutrition               Home Management
French                            Human and Social Biology  Theatre Arts

Physical Education:
Athletics and Games including Netball, Rounders, Badminton, Softball and Volleyball are available.  Special emphasis is given to Swimming in the first term when the Island Inter-Schools Girls’ Competition takes place.  Through the Physical Education programme we hope to accomplish the following:
•    The acquisition of physical skills closely allied to the promotion of  health and fitness (including posture, strength, mobility and  endurance).
•    The development of good social habits through co-operation team  work and friendly  competition with others.
•    The promotion of a leisure pursuit which will provide enjoyment, satisfaction  and self  expression even  when school days are over.Spiritual Development
Religious education is a priority and seeks to provide opportunity for personal reflection and spiritual growth, for religious experiences and community service.  Respect for other denominations and for non-Christian religions is upheld.

Counselling Services
are avialable for students at St. Ursula’s, including:
• Individual
• Group
• Preventive or Remedial
• Crisis Intervention

• Implementation of a guidance curriculum

• Referrals from students (self), parents , teachers, or others
• Parents are contacted in instances of limitations to confidentiality: self harm, harm to others, being harmed by others
Parents/Guardians, please note that the Guidance Counsellor in a school does not need your consent before a session can begin. However, a parent can specifically forbid a minor student to see the Counsellor or forbid the Counsellor to see a minor student.

Extra Curricular Activities
Activities and Clubs offered after school hours, may include the following:

Girl Guides             Environmental                  Volleyball
Key Club                Steel Pan Orchestra          Netball
Drama                     Swimming                         Football
School Choir           Latin Dancing                      Karate

Students are encouraged to become involved in service groups and organizations as well as sports.


For application forms, uniform and class requirements and all other documents, please go to the Downloads page.