St. Angela’s is divided into two (2) departments, the Infant Department (ages 3-7) and the Junior Department (ages 7 – 11+).

The Curriculum

In the Infant Department a modified Montessori Method of teaching is used.  Here, areas of study are introduced according to the child’s readiness.   A reading scheme called WORDS in COLOUR is used, and number concepts are introduced with the Cuisennaire rods.  Art and Music & Movement are also taught.  The children are introduced to computers.

In the Junior Department children continue to follow a well-rounded syllabus while being prepared for the Barbados Secondary Schools’ Entrance Examination (BSSEE – or Common Entrance) at age 11.  Subjects taught are: Language Arts, which include the development of fluent reading, comprehension skills and poetry for pleasure, handwriting and Mathematics.  Other subjects include – General Science, Social Studies, Religious Education, Art & Craft, Music, Spanish and Information Technology.

Physical Education: Games and Swimming
The school is equipped with a swimming pool.  Through the Physical Education programme we hope to accomplish the following:

–    the acquisition of physical skills closely allied to the promotion of health and fitness (including posture, strength, mobility and endurance).

–    the development of good social habits through co-operation, team work and friendly competition with others.

–    The promotion of a leisure pursuit which will provide enjoyment, exercise satisfaction and self expression even when school days are over.

Spiritual Development
Religious Education is a priority and seeks to provide opportunity for personal reflection and spiritual growth, for religious experiences and community service.  Respect for other denominations and for non-Christian religions is upheld.

Extra-Curricular Activities
Each pupil is also encouraged to pursue extra-curricular interests such as ballet or modern dance, basketball, Brownies, chess, cricket, cubs, drama, karate, recorder, soccer, swimming or table tennis.  Some of these activities are available on the School premises.


For application forms, uniform and class requirements and all other documents, please go to the Downloads page.