Fulfillment of Potential 

Convent School Barbados – Vision and Values

Our Vision:
To facilitate the development of each individual and produce citizens of integrity capable of taking their place in the adult world confidently, with a capacity for responding maturely to responsibility. This includes the exercise of self-discipline, initiative, critical thinking and concern for others, characterized by courtesy, loyalty, courage and service.

Our Mission:
To provide quality education in a safe, stimulating and supportive Christian environment, facilitating the total development of each individual by giving due attention to each sphere: intellectual, spiritual, physical, social, emotional and moral, through dedicated and innovative teaching.

Our Values:

Education for excellence
Respect for the uniqueness of the individual
Development of the whole person
Promotion of family spirit in a faith community
Serviam (I will serve) as a lived reality
Commitment to peace making
Creative attitudes towards change
Open, honest, respectful and constructive communication